Monday, August 29, 2016

Discussion: Is book blogging falling out of trend?

Sometimes I have these ideas for larger discussions but just cannot fully flesh out all of my ideas. These ideas usually come to me on the spur of the moment and during either time spent in the shower or at 3 AM when sleep just seems like an utter impossibility. This is one of those times, and I have no doubt that in the comments there will be a brand new large discussion in itself.

Hahaha, okay so I'm sure the title of this discussion got a few raised eyebrows  but please hear me out and consider firstly my position in all of this. Recently I haven't been so active in the book blogging community at all (been quite the lurker really) and while I have my own personal reasons for this, I can't help but notice that in general the book blogging community seems to be getting noticeably less active as a whole. I've noticed a decline in comments on some of my other favorite blogger's blogs, and when chatting with a few they've admitted to a sharp decline in stats over a recent period of time. Furthermore I see a lot less interaction between blogs in general and unfortunately even a decrease in meaningful conversation between members on social media.

While I'm sure this can be attributed to many unique factors I cannot help but also notice the uprising in popularity when it comes to booktube and bookstagram. This has lead me to wonder.... has book blogging reached its expiration date? Does it have an expiration date? Are we nearing it or beginning to head towards it? Logically new trends and forms of media will always exist and continue to develop in our technological era that we live in. But are book blogs a way of the past now, the current roads of promotion for new releases being something more accessible for people on the go and through already popular apps?

I do definitely notice that many publishers and some authors are making using of instagram and such to promote new titles. It can certainly be a powerful marketing tool. As for the core member group of bibliophilies, I've seen some that have moved entirely from blogging to these new forms of media. Some seem to be doing so at a slower rate. I honestly am not involved in bookstagram or booktube, but from what little I've observed and more so what I've heard: they're both thriving and growing communities.

I do know it is quite sad (even for myself) to think of something that had such great importance to me as the book blogging community to be a trend. However it's difficult for me to deny that things certainly seem to be waning at the moment. Do you think this is just a lull in the community? Or do you think that this will just continue and other forms of media will rise? Do you think I'm crazy?

All pertinent questions.
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