Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Personal Thoughts via Gifs

To be honest I love to read about other peoples lives. Whether this is something my curious self just enjoys, I figured I would share some things about myself. I've been thinking for quite some time of how to do this in a more unconventional way than your typical list and then the lovely Shannon made a post that I absolutely adored. Essentially it was your typical fact post but in the form of gifs which to me made it so much better and more creative than the norm (:

Without further ado, here is me casually taking Shannon's idea (love you girl!) and applying personal facts about my life with gifs (:


This is me whenever I have spare time. Let's be honest, I can spend so much time on the internet (really not doing much) and yet the hours tick by. My laptop is something that is very much a part of me.


Sometimes I feel confident in my body and appearance. When I do I tend to go all out and wear clothing that some may consider "revealing" or clothes that "show off" a bit. So fucking what? It is not because I desire boys attention (which really is a personal choice one consciously makes, so would there be anything wrong with that? Furthermore why should it bother anybody else?) but rather I feel okay with myself and how I look. Also omg I find sex enjoyable, so obviously that is not okay cause wow- girls finding consensual sex pleasurable!? crazy. 


Honestly I know I am something. Lol, but what exactly? Cue my casual normal existential crisis, usually just brimming beneath the surface. I currently am enrolled in a pre-law program of sorts (it's officially called Law & Society, a four year bachelor program) and plan on going to law school after. But like??? Even with that plan I'm still so unsure of everything. Would I even be cut out to be a lawyer? Would I even like it? Or what about the people in my life right now? If recent events have proven anything, people can be temporary. The uncertainty of the future and my place in this world is something that weighs on me all of the time. And I know I'm just 19 and shouldn't worry so much but ahhh I just do. 


I absolutely adore the movie Mean Girls so I just had to slip in a gif from that movie in this post. It's pretty accurate to my life though, whenever things get tough? I go for the most carb loaded food item available. I wouldn't mind some cheese fries right now. I just love food, alright? I figure I can eat whatever and whenever in usually large amounts and like work out once in a blue moon.


This scene from Gossip Girl is so iconic to me. It also happens to be quite relevant to my life, with my shopping addiction becoming more and more relevant it seems. Tbh the concept of self-control isn't one that bodes well with me when faced with an irresistible pair of heels. Ooops.


I love all movies, but I do have a soft spot for those over the top ones rom-coms that just happen to be unrealistic. See, I can even acknowledge the fact that these movies are just that-movies and nothing more. I know the things I watch will not happen to me. But I will not lie, a small part of me still is wanting to have that grand romantic gesture (or at least something resembling romance tbh) or crazy long proclamation of love occur in my life. I guess you could say  these Disney movies and rom-coms and even books tbh have brought out my inner romantic all while at the same time crushing it with my inner cynic. Eeep.


This is shockingly a new one for me. Previously in my life I would have considered myself to be fairly cool & collective, in the sense that if I felt any sort of emotion I'd either distance myself or keep it locked up. I could play the "it doesn't exist if you don't think about it" denial card better than anybody else. Recently though I've left that completely at the curb and god guys- I can be a total emotional mess. More often than not that has been the case in my life. I've accepted it and I find it totally normal- IT IS OKAY TO CRY AND HAVE FEELINGS EVERYONE.


Haha, this one is a little sad but true. Honestly I've grown up with technology and it has become such a part of my life that when I don't have my phone it just doesn't feel right. It's just so useful, whether just to text a friend to hang out or rant when you're going through a mini crisis. I also love to take selfies with my friends. I admit to that addiction fully, as well as spending a little more than average on social media and youtube. Another thing I've found is how my the only natural way to get out of an awkward conversation on the train 


Come on, sometimes you just gotta blast Taylor Swift and sing (or in my case more like devil scream) along completely off-key. It can be therapeutic in a slightly weird way.


Eeeee. I need to work on this. When I don't like somebody, it tends to stick. I hold grudges. Sometimes I have good reason to and other times I really don't. It can rather surface level or just because a friend/somebody close to be got hurt or doesn't like them. This is a flaw I need to really work on.


And that is all folks! Lol I hope you guys enjoyed these truly random (and surprisingly long) insights into my personality. 


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